Friday, August 14, 2020

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Quick Info

Creche Hours:  06h30 till 18h00
Fees (1 May 2017 - March 2018) 
First Child = R1890-00 per month (one thousand eight hundred and ninety)
          Second Child = R1700-00 per month (one thousand seven hundred)
          Third Child = R1430-00  per month (one thousand four hundred and thirty)
Other: Stationary for the year = R130  for Babies; R160 for Toddler 2
                                                   R230 for Toddler 3 and older (including educational shows)
Deposit: Same amount as fees payable in 6 payments
Registration fee: R650 (R150= admin, R500 towards first installment)
Transport (mornings) = R250 for 10 months (February - November)
Fees:   R1540 per month. Includes transport from school, transport to and from extra mural activities, a cooked lunch, snacks and full day care during the school holidays.
Stationary = R100 per year
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